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“There’s a lot more to beauty than what we apply to our face. Like KIND, I believe that it’s about how you treat your body and what you put in it. When you eat healthy, it shows: your skin looks clearer, your eyes look brighter and you have more energy. It’s as simple as that,” – Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown will always first and foremost talk about what we put in and do to our bodies to make us look and feel good, before discussing what to put on your face. If you’ve read any or all of her books you will notice that’s always one of the first things she talks about. It’s that important to Bobbi and to get the word out on what we can do to improve our bodies.   Another thing she will quite often discuss is her passion for education and making sure that kids get the education they deserve.   So this year Bobbi is combining a few of her passions – healthy eating and supporting the education of kids.

Bobbi’s newest campaign is called “Snack and Give Back”.  She created this Eat Pretty Powerful snack box with 20 healthy snacks from KIND Healthy Snacks. They make delicious whole nut and fruit bars (in flavors like Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt/Cashew Ginger Spice/Madagascar Vanilla Almond) that are made from real, natural ingredients you can see and pronounce.

What is special about this collaboration is that sales from the cubes help to support the Broome St. Academy, a free public charter school here in NYC that helps empower vulnerable youth.  The Cubes are being sold now at SnackandGiveBack.com  for $42.95/cube.   Also a great holiday gift idea for the health conscious person in your family.