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I will be the first to admit I have a watch obsession. I think they’re a great way to easily change up the look of your outfit without much fuss. With am watch accessory you can go from dressy, to casual in a flash. Nordgreen watches make the transition so easy depending on your mood, which is why I love them!

The watches are made in Copenhagen, a Scandinavian country known for their simplicity and modernism and that’s the image the owners and longtime friends Pascar and Vasilij wanted to come across in the designs. To accomplish their design goals they turned to well known Scandinavian designer, Jakob Wagner.

They have men’s and women’s watches and for the women there are 3 face styles. But if you want to be bold, go for a size and style of the men’s collection! I have the Philosopher style in silver tone with the mesh band. But, I can easily change up the look completely by switching out the mesh band for a vegan leather one and voila I have a classy but casual look! What I really love about the Philosopher face is it has almost a 3D effect to it. It’s so unique and I love it!

Not only are the watches versatile, sleek yet sturdy, the company is a conscientious one, too! With every watch purchased they give back to health, education and environment. And you get to choose which cause is supported on your behalf! We can all get behind that, for sure!

Watch provided by Nordgreen, opinions of how much I love this watch are all mine!