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I work on a daily basis with some pretty talented people in the interior design business. I’ve become aware of some fun, functional, beautiful and interesting products that I never would have heard of or seen if I didn’t work around this talent.  One such talented person is Kayla Vig from Gunkelmans Interior Design.  I asked Kayla to share with Fab Over Forty some of her 5 Fab Finds for the home.

  Kaylas finds

Everyone likes a clock, right? I like this digital LED clock that can hang anywhere and look like a piece of art.

I like things that are functional and a way to keep all those electronic pieces hidden.  That’s why I love this mirror that has a hidden spot for an iPod. Now you can dance to the music while getting ready in the mornings and it frees up your counter space.

Get your morning jolt of caffeine with this concrete espresso maker. Not only does it have a necessary function (hello- wake up in the morning!) it doesn’t look like a boring appliance on your kitchen counter.

How fun is it to bake things when they don’t look like the ordinary. These rolling pins have great laser cut-outs that make fun and artistic impressions on the pastry. It’s a whole new way to look at eating pie.

We all love a good fire, but lets face it, the logs are messy. This contemporary log holder mounts right to the wall to keep the messy logs out of the way. Now no one will be fighting over who has to bring the logs in.