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I’m in a funk. Have you ever gotten in one? Seriously, I am so glad August is behind me. Not to complain, but I have been sick for a month – what started out as a cold has now turned into the worst allergies I’ve ever had and it hasn’t let up for a month. I’m sure my co-workers want to put a gag in me as they are sick and tired of hearing me cough, sneeze, blow my nose, and have a hoarse voice. For what seems like an eternity!

Both of my sons moved back to college and that always makes me a little sad. My husband and I couldn’t look at each other Saturday evening when the house was empty because we knew we would both cry. At least the hubby wasn’t crying for 6 DAYS! Like he did when my eldest went off to college for the first time a few years back. Seriously!

My office has been busy downsizing our space from 4,000 sq. ft to 2,000 sq. ft and I’m just tired of the mess, disruption and construction!

And I went to Sephora tonight looking for a travel size body wash. I don’t want to buy the $35 kit with said wash, shampoo, condition etc. I just want a body wash all by itself in one of the travel requirement sizes. Is that too much to ask Sephora or any body wash creators out there?

Can you see I’m just downright crabby?! Sorry. I promise to cheer up, and there are a few things that I know that will cheer me up and I can’t wait to share with all of you the fantastic news on beauty.

First of all, I’m so excited to be doing an event with Dior – check out the details here! I want women over 40 to feel and look the best they can and not be afraid of beauty and skincare products!

I’m going to NYC for 5 1/2 days! Oh, this isn’t my usual work trip that I take to NYC and can’t find time to squeeze beauty in, oh no. This is 5 1/2 days of total beauty bliss!

I am going to a 2 day beauty conference where I finally get to meet other beauty bloggers, beauty reps from several lines to see the latest and greatest. A few really fun events including a party at Lancôme’s Boutique with Sandy Linter there (dying to meet her) along with designer Chris Benz and some of the famous Lancôme models! At our conference we’ll find out what’s happening in beauty from Chanel, Kiehls, L’Oreal and so many other lines – I can’t wait to share all of it with you when I get back.

Oh, and remember Christian Siriano – the Project Runway winner “Fierce”. Well I get to go backstage his runway 2010 show for some up to the second hot (or should I say “fierce”) beauty as it’s happening live!

Now the only thing to worry about, what the hell do I wear!