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St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Do you have the luck of the Irish? Me? Not so much. But I did find a four leaf clover once when I was a little kid. I kept it for years and then it mysteriously disappeared. Probably one of my siblings stole it! Will you be celebrating? This is one holiday I leave up to others to celebrate. The though of green beer is quite nauseating to me, especially since I really don’t even drink beer. But, if you’re one to celebrate – enjoy!

Fashion FLash logo - CopyThis week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by Cindy from Prime Beauty. Cindy’s got the goods on all things beauty and I love how she shares her images with us on the various beauty looks she tries. Be sure to check out her site!  And while you’re there, get the goods on our Fashion Flash topics, which this week include:

  • Lower your breast cancer risk
  • Is an eye cream necessary
  • Lose the belly fat
  • Is SJP shoe line for you
  • Dating over 50
  • Makeup fixes
  • Wearing tunics
  • Chic shoes
  • Is Ultherapy for you