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Rebekah George 2013

Rebekah George, TV host, spokesperson and fashion and beauty expert, has been on E!, Inside Edition, The Doctors, The Today Show and more. She has great style and beauty advice for women of all ages.  Today she is offering up her advice on tips for women over 40.

Here’s what Rebekah has to say:

1.       Always get a manicure: There are studies that show manis can make hands look 10 years younger. But you should choose a lighter shade and file nails about 1/4″ away from your nailbed – square with slightly rounded edges – for the most flattering shape. Lighter nail polish colors also reflect light and make hands look younger.

2.       Cut bangs to instantly hide wrinkles: Bangs help soften your face and frame your eyes, giving them an instant lift.

3.       Switch to a creamy foundation and avoid powders: Powders tend to settle into lines and wrinkles and make them look worse. Creamy formulas help moisturize and plump up lines.

4.       Choose multifocal contact lenses: as people age, so do their eyes. There are other vision correction options available besides reading glasses that don’t change your appearance. These lenses correct for presbyopia, a natural, aging-eye condition that usually occurs after the age of 40. Did you know that women have both a higher prevalence of, and more severe, presbyopia?