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Do you ever go to a department store craving to take a look around at some product, and not all from just one line?   I know I do (a lot)!  But even the other day while I was at a famous department store looking at just one line of product, I was approached by literally – FIVE people asking me if I was looking for something!   I kid you not, I had not moved 10 feet around the counter.   Honestly, it’s one thing that really irks me – sometimes I just want to look!  And if I’ve been approached once or twice and say – “no, I’m not looking for anything specific, but just checking out the new things so I’m just going to look around.  I’ll be happy to get you if I need anything.”   That’s what I mean – I just want to look around!  I like to scope out new things before I talk to anyone.

The other thing that is irritating to me when skincare or cosmetic shopping, I feel that sometimes I don’t know who to trust.   I like to get to know some of the SA’s, because they keep you informed and most don’t pressure you to buy anything if it doesn’t fit – or they contact you when they know you’ve been looking for something and it feels like a fit for you.   But am I getting the BEST product out there for my needs?

I’m sure by now you’re saying – OK, enough rambling – what is your point?!

My point is, this is exactly why I love going to the Cos Bar.  It’s a sophisticated jewel for a makeup and skin care junkie like me.   Not only do they have a wonderful array of makeup and skincare, fragrance and some hair care, they are extremely knowledgeable about all the products they carry in their store.  They take the time to talk with you to find out your wants and needs and pull products from within all the lines they carry – not just one line, and I love that!    Because Bobbi Brown’s eye shadow may be exactly what I’m looking for in a shadow, but Clé de Peau’s lipstick instead of Bobbi’s may suit my look better.   Lancôme may have an eye cream that fits my need, but Canyon Ranch or Révive’s moisturizer for my face may better suit me than any other line.

At the Cos Bar, they know their products inside and out.   They aren’t just sales people, they are educated and trained; some are estheticians and all are makeup artist.  They understand skin, and what will work for you.  They get it that if you are over 40 and don’t want your makeup to look like a 20 year old’s, but yet they also know how to do fabulous makeup on a 20 year old.   Plus they let you look around, absorb all the beauty around you and let you experiment.  I get excited just thinking about it!

I highly recommend if you have a Cos Bar near you be sure to stop by.  There are only 10 in the US, another reason they are a jewel.  Talk with the staff, as they are happy to explain to you what they know about skincare and makeup and explain why it would work for you.

I hope you have a chance to stop by and take in all the beauty!