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I’ve tried several organic hair products and they’ve ruined my hair by leaving it dry and brittle or my color is stripped that I paid a lot of money for.  Some of them have even smelled so badly that I’ve wondered what they were thinking!   So my hesitation to try Tela was already deeply embedded and I think rightfully so.  

But, I gave it a chance only because I saw it was sold at Barneys.    I figured if it was as bad as others I’ve tried, then Barneys certainly wouldn’t be carrying it.   I’m glad I took my chances.  

First a little bit about Tela.   In 2006 Tela Beauty Organics was brought to the mainstream market after 30 years of work by Philip Pelusi and his team of scientists.   Philip had clients in his salons that had skin and scalp issues and he searched for products that would help them.   Today Tela Beauty Organics claims 15 USDA Certified Organic products.  If you are looking for truly organic products, make sure they are USDA Certified Organic.  

I’ve been using four of the products in the hair care line.   The Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, the Dri Shampoo and Healer.  There is a body and body and hair styling line as well.  I figured I’d use the hair products when I needed a cut and color, because if it damaged my hair like others have before, well, I’d be saved by my stylist in a few days.   I need not have worried.

The color of the shampoo threw me a bit at first.   It was thick and creamy, but it was greige in color – not like I had ever seen before.   But, my hair felt clean, and volumized, very volumized.   Not stripped like some volumizing shampoos can do (even if they aren’t organic).  I was pleasantly surprised!     On to the conditioner.  Some conditioners weigh down the hair or if they are volumizing they can feel like they create their volume by drying out the hair.   Not this.   My hair felt moisturized and full, not heavy or weighted.   WOW!   I was very happy!    The real test can also come when you go to style your hair.   Many people think their styling products don’t work, and that may be the case, but you have to start out with good hair first.    My styling products that I used worked like a charm.   My hair looked and felt fabulous!

Since I had success with the shampoo and conditioner, I thought the next day I would give Dri Shampoo a try.  Since I’m trying not to wash my hair every day, I’ve been adding dry shampoos to my repertoire.  For me, I spray it at the roots (it smells nice like lavender) then I blow dry my hair to get it looking nice.   I just learned something recently too – when using a dry shampoo, set your blow dryer on the cool setting, not hot.   If your hair is already dry, the cool setting helps to keep the style longer.  Anyway, the Dri Shampoo worked like a charm, bringing life back to my hair without any dullness.  It’s now my “day off” hair cure.  

Healer is for damage and split repairs.  Coloring, blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons along with every day environmental conditions can do a bad number on the hair.  Healer is alightweight creamy texture made up of organic Argan oil, pomegranate, rich in vitamins E & C and folic acids.  All things good for your hair.   Once you rub it in your hands the cream becomes light as a thin oil.  But, using products with oil, especially if you have thin or fine hair can make you skeptical to try.   The first time I tried Healer, I was going out for the evening with some friends.   My hair style was ruined from the high humidity. With not much time to completely re-do my hair, I put a little Healer in my hands and rubbed it throughout the ends.   My hair was brought back to life!   Seriously, the bounce and shine were shocking to me!

Tela has really changed my mind on natural and organic hair products.    They have several more styling and body care products that I now want to give a try as well.


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