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I’m thrilled that Solano is back in my life.  About 12+ years ago I bought my first Solano hair dryer because I had heard they were “The Dryer” to own.  The salon I was going to at the time also sold them and highly touted them, so I splurged and spent the money.  It was the best money on a blow dryer I had ever spent.   Fast forward 10 years and my Solano was still going strong, but there had been so many new advances in technology in 10 years that I felt I was missing out. Besides, even though the dryer was still going strong, it was a bit heavier than all the new ones too. I gave mine away after being convinced the new T3 was the way to go and I splurged on a T3.  What a waste of money.  Seriously, about 2 weeks after purchasing it I regretted it.  It completely dried out my fine hair.  Dried it to the point that I should say it FRIED my hair. So I sucked up, put it on the shelf and bought an FHI that someone recommended.

My FHI worked fine for awhile, but after about a year the thing kept over heating and finally one day recently it died.  I should say it more like blew up – in a ball of flames!   Literally!   After averting near hair disaster (I threw it on my tile floor in time to not do any damage to my hair or body) I had to dig out my T3 until I could figure out what I wanted to do about a new dryer.  After doing some research and getting information from a PR firm, they sent me a Solano 3300 XtraLite Hair Dryer to try.  I only used my T3 for a two week time period until my new Solano hair dryer arrived, and in that time the T3 did so much damage to my hair that when I went for a haircut my stylist looked at me in complete amazement trying to figure out what the hell happened to my hair because it was dried out so much.  I explained my dilemma and he said – T3 is AWFUL!   They barely blow out air but it is so terribly hot that it just burns the hair and the expensive dryer itself never lasts long at all.  Whew.  I was glad I wasn’t the only one who had that experience.  I told him I was now a proud owner of Solano and he said “Great!  They make a wonderful dryer – you will be happy with that one.”   Again I was glad I had his blessing because I trust what he has to say!

The Solano 3300 XtraLite Dryer is very lightweight, but has 1800 watts of power combined with ionic, ceramic and tourmaline technology.  My hair is frizz free!  I like that there are several settings – three temperature and two speed settings and a cold shot button that you can press and it will stay cold – not one you have to hold down the whole time you want to use it, making it convenient and easy to manuever. Being it’s the little things that also make me very happy, I love that this has an 11.5′ cord so I can even walk around while drying my hair and the filter is easily accessed so I can clean that when it needs it.

Every Solano dryer and flat iron has a 2 year limited “Care & Repair” warranty and a 48 hour turnaround guarantee on repairs.  Although in the 10 years of owning my previous one, I never had a problem with it and I probably won’t with this one either.  Solano is available at Ulta stores and this particular model retails for $159.

Product sent to me by PR firm for consideration of review