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Want va-va-voom in your hair?  Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Maker will give you just that.  No white spray to apply to the hair the typically ends up all over. Instead it’s a brush that distributes a powder lightly and where you want it to go. Just a few clicks and a white powder comes out that when swirled around at the roots becomes invisible and leaves you with a lot of volume.

This works perfectly on the days you don’t wash your hair as it absorbs excess oils and it gives your hair the needed volume and texture.  Just be sure to not over use, a small amount works great. Lately this has come to be my “2nd day hair” requirement when styling my hair, even if it’s in a pony tail.

Check out this great quick video that shows you better than I can how to use Volume Maker and for 3 easy, quick hairstyles with lots of volume!



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