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Krastase Oleo Relax Serum

Dry hair a problem with you? Relax. Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum that is.

If you live in a drier climate or have naturally dry hair, or maybe spent too much time at the beach then this may be the product for you. Sometimes I just don’t want to put my favorite heavy-duty moisturizing conditioner in my hair and wait for 5 or more minutes. Just like you, I don’t always have the time. That’s when this can come in handy. Just a pump of this can bring dry, lifeless hair back to shiny, manageable hair.

Simply put a pump (or 2 or more if your hair is longer or super fried) and work it through damp hair. Then you can put your other styling products in and style as usual. It controls the frizzies and adds lustre to your hair. Don’t overload, as it will make your hair streaky and oily. Just a dab goes a long way and leaves hair silky, not oily. Luckily I brought this with me on a recent trip to AZ, where the humidity level is as dry as a cactus, which is exactly what my hair would have looked like without this.