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Are you looking for ways to make your beauty budget go further?   Well Pantene Pro-V to the rescue, and their new line called Nature Fusion.  

I have been a fan of Pantene for years.  In fact, I remember as a kid in about 6th grade I was at Daytons Department Store and saw the Pantene hair care line behind the glass case and fell in love hard- I had to have a bottle of that shampoo in that gorgeous bottle, yes my obsession started young. (I was like Ralphie on “A Christmas Story” with his Red Ryder BB Gun)  I remember buying that bottle of shampoo with my hard earned money and I was not about to share or tell my mom and dad how much I spent on it, damn those Prell users in my family.   It was my first beauty purchase, as I was too young to wear makeup until I reached 7th grade.

We had one bathroom in our house that was shared by 7 of us, and when I washed my hair, I would take my Pantene bottle out of hiding from my bedroom and use it then hide it for safe keeping afterwards. Only one day I forgot it on the tub ledge and when I came home, someone must have used it and knocked it over into the tub and dumped most of the contents out.   Gone.   I was DEVASTATED!   And family, I’ve never forgiven you!  🙂  

Fast forward several years and you no longer have to buy department store or salon products – you can get the same great quality in the drugstore and save on your budget. I still use Pantene shampoo and conditioner to this day – it’s in my rotation and the men in my life use it every day.

For the naturalist in life, Pantene Pro-V also has a new shampoo line called Nature Fusion.  This line is infused with the beauty benefits of the Cassia plant.   Cassia is a naturally derived performance ingredient that helps transform hair to make it softer, shiner and stronger.  It comes in two formulas; Moisture Balance and Smooth Vitality.   The conditioners are not heavy and I really like how the Smoothing Creme does not leave your hair weighted down – even with fine hair like mine.

So for your Beauty On A Budget, don’t forget that hair care doesn’t need to break the budget.