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Pantene Nature Fusion hair products and Recyclebank are teaming up this year – a pair that at first you may think is unlikely, but then when you hear more regarding the two of them it makes total sense. Pantene Nature Fusion has changed their packaging and it is made out of recycled materials that begin with sugarcane grown on abandoned pasture land – resulting in no deforestation. Even the factory where the recycled packaging is made is doing their part by using renewable energy to produce the plastic and return the excess energy back to the grid.

If you haven’t already signed up at www.recyclebank.com you should! They give wonderful tips on how to conserve energy, recycle better and so much more. Along the way about learning how to save the planet you earn points and the points in turn get you product coupons and more.  If you play this quick little video game below, (remember the game of Concentration you played as a kid?) you will also have the opportunity to win a day of beauty at an eco spa getaway!  The contest ends this month, so take those couple of minutes and learn a little about how Pantene Nature Fusion is doing their part to save the earth.  I think my motto this year will be “Happy Hair, Happy Earth”.