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It has been a crazy last 8 days.  Currently I’m holed up in my bedroom while the rest of my house is torn up.   What was supposed to be a day or two of fixing some bad patches in the hardwood floor has turned into a 5 day ordeal.   Dust everywhere!

And before this, one of my sisters and I road tripped to Kansas to visit mom’s family.    It’s funny when you’re in the car for a day you actually look forward to gas stations.   Strange.   But our stop at a Nebraska station brought this jewel of a magazine to my attention.   Organic Beauty.  I had to buy it partly because one of the article titles is Anti-Aging – 30+ Scalpel Free Solutions.   A title like that will always pique my attention, being I am surgery and Botox free, but always looking for anti-aging ways.

We are hearing more and more about natural and organic products – beauty, food and otherwise.  And in the craziness of life and some of the products that I’ve tried with adverse reactions, it makes me ponder deeply what we are all putting in and on our bodies and our surroundings.  

If you get a chance to pick this up, do so.  It’s well worth it.    And since I’ve been talking this week about natural or organic products, keep reading this week – I have a few more left to discuss.