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NuMe a styling products company contacted me asking if I’d be interested in trying product from their line.  I had never heard of NuMe so I asked for more information.   Well the reason I hadn’t heard of them was because they are new to the US having been in Europe for several years. They carry styling tools, hair care products as well as hair extensions.  I tried out the Vintage flat iron and the Moisture shampoo and conditioner.

I first want to discuss the Vintage flat iron.   I’ve tried several flat irons, some I like, and some are just OK.   I don’t have curly hair so I have other things I look for when using a flat iron.   Before using it, there were a few things I noticed right away.  On the unit itself it is partially textured for a non-slip grip, which comes in very handy.   The other thing I look for on the outside is a temperature control.   I don’t want just one temperature and I don’t want a high, medium, low – because what really are those temperatures?   This gives you an actual temperature dial to gauge what you need for your hair.   Since my hair is fine and just wavy, not curly, I tend to keep it around 300°, not the 420° it can reach as that would be too harsh for my hair, but better for those with thick or curly hair.

The “inside’ of the Vintage flat iron are the ceramic plates.   These are 100% solid ceramic, not just ceramic coated.  This makes a big difference in evenness and hot spots.   I get smooth, shiny, even hair when I use this.   What I also like is that while you can style your hair stick-straight, I don’t style my hair like that.  You know the kind, that 60’s and early 70’s style stick-straight hair that was so popular again just a few years ago.  I can still get volume in my hair, but style it so I get rid of the fuzz and bouncy waves I tend to get when the humidity gets high.

The moisture shampoo and conditioner are really wonderful too.   Not too heavy for my fine hair, but they leave my hair soft and shiny and not weighted down and overly moisturized.   And it smells wonderful too!   This is a great addition to my shampoo and conditioning rotation.  The shampoo and conditioner sell for $7.99 online and this particular flat iron is $225, but they also carry a variety of flat irons in a range of pricing.

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