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I’m on a mission in 2010 to get my hair into a great style and color that flatters me, great condition, easy to maintain and versatile in styled looks.  Is that too much to ask for?   Maybe, but I sure hope not.

One of the things I am always on the search for in maintaining a hair style is the hairspray to keep it looking good throughout the day.   My issue with hairsprays are they either are too light and do nothing to maintain the hold in my fine hair, irritate my scalp, make my hair so stiff I’d swear it was the ’80’s again and some dry out my hair.  So I had high hopes for this new Neil George Perfect Hold Hairspray and it did not disappoint.    I’ve moved my 6 other hairspray bottles (literally) to the back of my shelf and this one is now front and center.   This holds my hair without being stiff, doesn’t irritate my scalp, has a nice almost coconut scent when initially sprayed, which quickly disappears.  Here’s what the company has to say about the hairspray:

Key ingredients such as Shikekai oil, Eclipta Oil and Indian Gooseberry Oil create an enriching base while Panthenol and UV protectors fortify and strengthen the hair.  Shikekai oil works to calm stressed tresses and protects against frizz while keeping the hair soft, silky, manageable and tangle free.  Due to its naturally low pH balance, it protects the hair shaft from being stripped of its protective oils. Eclipta Alba oil (Bhringaja)and Panthtenol work together to strengthenhair as well as add shine and luster.  Both the scalp and hair are conditioned without buildup and protected from over styling through the spray’s long lasting moisturization.  perfect hold hairspray, 8.5 oz/$22.  Available at Beauty.com, Space NK and neilgeorgesalon.com


Neil George Dry Shampoo



I think we’ve all heard by now that the less you wash your hair, the longer you can maintain the color.   I’m all for extending times between my hair color and this Neil George Refresh Dry Shampoo can help.   I’ve tried some other brands and have been very happy that I just purchased a travel size because they’ve been bad.   Some are colored to try and match your hair color, some are a white powder that look like you poured baby powder in your hair.  That might not be a bad look if you have hair that matches baby powder, but for someone with darker hair – not so good.

This dry shampoo lets me take a day or two off during the week from my daily washings.   What’s different about this one is that it’s a spray and not a powder, so no cakiness in your hair.  Here’s what the company says about the dry shampoo:

Healthy circulation and blood flow is vital for maintaining strength and optimizing hair growth. The unique blend of plants and fruits contained in refresh dry shampoo work to absorb oil and sebum from the scalp, restoring health and refreshing hair without the need for the daily routine. The leaves of the Jaborandi plant, sourced from Brazil, and Gotu Kola from India assist in skin rejuvenation and work together to stimulate hair bulbs and pores. Cherimoya, grown for centuries in the highlands of Peru and Ecuador, delivers a healthy does of niacin and thiamin increasing circulation and improving the quality of the hair root itself.    refresh dry shampoo, 3.2 oz/$21.