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Apparently as we age, we lose the volume in our hair. Because of hormones and general aging, we can actually lose hair and our hair can often times become thinner. Personally, I didn’t need to age in order to get thin hair. Luckily I have a lot of hair, but it is baby fine.

Frederic Fekkai created the MORE kit for just such women. There are 4 steps in the MORE kit, a scalp purifying shampoo, a root nourishing conditioner, a night time folicle boosting treatment and this – the All Day Density Styling Whip.

When I first saw this line several months ago, I thought, I am not buying all 4 products for $100 in the kit – I’ll just try one and see if it impresses me. So I tried the Styling Whip. And I have to say, I do really like it. It’s one of the products I use nearly daily in styling my limp hair. It does give it volume without drying my hair out like some volumizers can. It is infused with Niaplex, which is a patentend formula that improves density and volume in the hair, while protecting the moisture. And for me, that’s exactly what it does. The bonus? The smell is to die for. It’s clean, fresh scent makes my morning. Just be cautious when taking it on the plane. My lid came off once and I lost the whole thing to the plastic bag it was in. It made me sad, not only because $25 went up in the air literally, I didn’t have time for a few days to replace it and in those few days I really missed what it did for my hair. I still haven’t splurged on the whole kit, but…