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Products for soft curls


I recently got my hair cut by Charlie from Haus Salon, and when he was finished cutting my hair I asked him to help me style it so my natural wave (slight wave) could look soft with frizz-free curls.  He said I could definitely get softer curls without the frizz – all it takes is proper products and using the blow dryer diffuser correctly.  Here are some tips Charlie gave me.

  1. When blow drying hair into a curly style, moisture is key, and keep hair quite wet when applying styling products.
  2. First protect hair with a blow-drying lotion like No. 4 Blow Dry Lotion. This keeps the hair protected from the blow drier and locks moisture in the hair and prevents frizz.
  3. Charlie then saturated my hair with Oribe Foundation Mist. This primes hair for styling products and also helps with frizz and is very light weight.
  4. Lastly he used Oribe’s new Curl Shaping Mousse.  He used about a marshmallow size dollop on the lower half of my hair and then another similar size dollop for the crown and roots.

Now that the hair is prepped, it’s ready for “the twist”.  Check out the video below for what this key step is all about.

There are key blow dry tips that he offered as well:  When using a diffuser, keep the speed on low and the heat on high. The reason to do this is that your hair is quite wet when styling this way, so high heat is important. But keep the speed on low because you aim the diffuser against the shaft of the hair, and if you have the speed on high then it can make the hair frizzy. 

So Charlie and I did a very impromptu video explaining how to prep the hair for blow drying.  The volume makes it difficult to hear Charlie, but I added his tips next to the images on the video to help.


Once Charlie was done twisting and blow drying my hair – this is the finished look

Soft curls front view Soft curls

As I stated previously, this was a total impromptu video and instructional style.  My hair was not 100% dry at this point and he intentionally did that (it was probably 95% dry).  The next morning my hair still had curl and I didn’t even need to touch it up with a curling iron, but it looked more relaxed and even softer still.