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Do you look at some people and just love the color of their hair, but then you try it on yourself and it just doesn’t look right?  It might be the same shade as the photo you bring to your hair colorist, but it just might not be the right shade for you and your skin tone.

According to Marlee Southam, Colorist at Haus Salon, getting a hair shade that works with your skin tone is so important in creating a look that works for you and helps you look your best.

 “Don’t be afraid of warm hair! Wearing a hair color that suits your skin tone will make your skin glow and make you look younger.” – Marlee Southam

A person is either a cool or warm tone and here are some clues to find out which one you are:

How to Tell if  You Are a Warm Color:

  • Look at your eye color – are you any of these? Golden Brown, Green, Green Blue, Hazel, golden-brown or reddish-brown eyes or eyes having a gold or brown fleck
  • No matter what whether you have fair or dark skin, your tone is either warm or cool.  Look for these signs for warm skin – brown with pink or golden undertones, pale with peach or golden undertones and freckles
  • What is your REAL hair color?  If you are any of these, you may be warm toned.  Deep brown with gold or red highlights, red, strawberry blonde or golden blonde

Warm skin tones and the hair shades that work for them:


Warm blondes ask for wheat, golden, sunkissed

Warm reds ask for copper or a more natural red

Warm brunettes ask for cinnamon infused or chestnut

How to Tell if You Are a Cool Color:

  • If your eye shades are one of these, you may be a cool color. Deep brown or black-brown, Gray blue or dark blue, Hazel with white, gray or blue flecks
  • What is your REAL hair color? Blue black, Deep coffee brown, Medium ash brown, Medium brown, Salt n pepper, White
  • Is your skin pink,  red or have a blue cast to it?  Then you may be a cool tone.

Cool skin tones and the hair shades that work for them:


Cool blondes ask for icey, beige or champagne

Cool reds ask for a true red with violet undertones

Cool brunettes ask for chocolate or mocha

Getting the right tone of hair color just got easier!

Images:  various thru Google, Haus Salon