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Thinning and damaged hair can be a common experience women over 40 have with their hair.  There always seems to be hope with damaged hair, but thinning hair is another thing.  It can leave us frustrated, embarrassed and more.  Many times thinning hair can have health related reason, and sometimes the reasoning can be corrected.  Bioken believes in getting to the root of the problem to get beautiful, healthy hair.

Their products are based on several factors:

  • Anti-aginggoji berries, green tea, grape seed extracts to infuse strength and vitality to aging hair with silky, shiny hair.
  • Antiboticnettle, chamomile and propolis are for protecting and preventing hair loss.
  • Sulfate freeno harsh chemicals to cause irritation or stripping hair and scalp of essential oils that can cause drying.
  • Nano Technologynanometer molecules penetrate the cellular level to boost shine by preventing and solving scalp issues like dandruff and thinning hair.
  • Perfect Color Retentiongentle ingredients preserve and retain and boost color.
  • Free of Parabens, DEA, Sodium and Alcoholno synthetic or harmful fragrances or dyes are used.
  • Full of Vitaminsretinol, tocopherol, vit C & B complex to rejuvenate and restore hair and scalp.
While all this is wonderful, my feeling is that if it doesn’t smell lovely, doesn’t feel good and doesn’t make my hair look great – then it’s a moot point.  But, I do love all points on this shampoo and treatment conditioner!  I tried the Enfanti line volume shampoo and treatment.  The shampoo smells wonderful – a fresh, possibly minty scent, and leaves my hair soft and silky.   The treatment is a rich, but not heavy conditioner.  Only about a dime size is needed for my medium/short hair and I use it one to two times a week. Any more than that would probably be too much, unless if your hair was very dry.  I color and highlight my hair and it truly does not strip or change the color of my hair.
Over the years many more companies have shown up that have natural ingredients, but some (even many) do not perform.  Bioken truly performs.