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Fabulous Hair with Oribe 

I’m getting serious about my hair now.   It was a year ago on my birthday that I went in for a haircut and got the chop of my life.   And not a good one I might add.   It was so short the back of my hair was nearly shaved and cut so badly and uneven that I could have crawled in a hole for a long time.   It certainly wasn’t how I wanted to look on my birthday and still several months later.   It took forever to grow back and now I have a great stylist and I’ve almost have my hair to where I want it to be.

Experimenting with different hair products; shampoos, conditioners and styling products is always interesting. It’s not as easy as trying on makeup and quickly washing it off.  My overall consensus is that most volumizing shampoos are too drying, careful with the moisturizing shampoos and conditioners as some can weigh down fine hair and it’s tough to even begin on my styling product dilemmas.   My hair has definitely changed over the years.  It’s still very fine, but I do have a lot of hair, and all the sudden in the last few years I’ve gotten some wave to my once pencil straight hair.   Hormones I’m sure.   They can do more than give us the night sweats and dry skin, your hair texture can completely change.

I had heard several months ago that Oribe, (pronounced OR-bay) the hairstylist to the stars and of countless magazine covers, was coming out with his own haircare line.   Then a few months ago I went into a salon to pick up a gift certificate for someone and saw they were carrying the line, of course had to try!  The packaging alone is dreamy, as you can see above.   Each specified type of hair “issue” comes with its own colored packaging.  The only shade of packaging missing shown above is the emerald green and each item is packaged in it’s own box like cosmetics are packaged.  The bottles are like beautiful jewels with the prices to match the look – expensive.

Here’s what I discovered with the Oribe line, besides the fact that I love most all of the products I’ve tried.  The volumizing shampoo is too drying for my hair.   I LOVE the Shampoo for Beautiful Color (color treated hair), it’s thick and rich without being too heavy.   The conditioner for Brilliance and Shine I could use every day.  I love the way it makes my hair feel and it’s not too heavy and the scent of the shampoo and conditioners needs to be bottled into a perfume – amazing!   I haven’t tried any of the treatment products as of yet.

Of all the styling products in the line, I’ve used the Volumista Mist for Volume and the Rock Hard Gel.   My tip on the Volumista Mist is not to use too much.   It can do bizarre things to your hair if too much is used and the only way to fix the mistake is washing your hair over again.  Not fun.   The Rock Hard Gel is more of a creamy gel.  You can really get volume with this on top of stong hold.   The trick is when blow drying your hair to really lift the sections you are blow drying.  Where you put your hair, it stays!  I’ve used this with my Phytovolume Actif, spraying that first and then using the Rock Hard Gel and I get superb hold during the day – even in this incredibly hot and humid weather.   I didn’t have as much luck with the staying power using the Volumista.

Will I buy these products again – absolutely!   The Oribe line is a wonderful hair care line and I will try out a few additional products once these are gone.  See if others get hair envy over you!