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wntw-010This past fall I had  the opportunity to meet Nick Arrojo of the TLC show What Not To Wear.  

He’s just as nice, and as handsome (even more so in person) as he is on TV. 

He was promoting his book Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day.

I have been a fan of the TLC show for several years and have liked what he does with the hairstyles of the men and women on the show.   About the only time the styles don’t “wow” me is when the women are so attached to their hair that they will “die” if he cuts more than half an inch off.    Let him do his job!

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great-hairThe book is an easy to read guide, and the main thing I took from the book that I hadn’t heard before was his philosophy on hair styles.   He doesn’t go by your face shape – which has been drilled into our heads for years.  

His philosophy is to get to know your hair.  Get a cut that matches the texture and shape of your hair – not the shape of your face.  Brilliant!  How many times do we all hear that if you have a long, or round or whatever face shape, you must have it cut this or that way to make you look great – only to be disappointed because it still doesn’t work on you. 

His book breaks down various hair textures and explains in detail what each texture really feels like to the touch.

  • Thick
  • Fine
  • Medium smooth

He then breaks it down to hair shape and again explains how to determine which you have if you aren’t quite certain.

  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Straight

Within each of these types he has photos of some great cut styles for each, shown on all ages, sizes and nationalities of women.    There are also photo explanations on how to style your hair, tips on coloring your hair different ways to style your hair with your cut.

I have proclaimed this book my “hair bible”!   It’s easy to read, has wonderful tips and ideas and I highly recommend this book!   And I’m not just saying that because Nick’s such a nice guy.