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There was a time when I washed my hair every. single. day.   Who knew it wasn’t good for your hair?  Besides, I have that kind of hair that one must wash/style do something to every day, otherwise I look like a ‘drowned rat’ as I call the look.  A few years back I tried a dry shampoo in powder form and it was white and didn’t blend into my brownish hair and overall irritated my scalp and looked bad.   Then I found an aerosol dry shampoo which works well, but it doesn’t offer color.

There also is the dry shampoo mishap that Kate Moss became known for as starting the grey hair rage.  People thought she was highlighting her hair grey and it started a grey hair trend like no other.  Only it wasn’t highlights, it was dry shampoo powder.

Now Finley Hair Powder can solve the one-color-fits-all experience with their colored hair powders.  Finley Hair Powders come in a range of shades and are very finely milled.  Just sprinkle a few times, brush to blend and you can maintain your blowout and hairstyle without having that greasy hair look or that white powder hair look.  A little goes a long way so just shake a bit out and you’ll notice volume and a re-freshening of your hair in look and scent.