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I’ve been using this new line of hair care from L’Oreal Paris for several weeks now and have to say – it gets an “A” for  Beauty on a Budget!

EverPure is their new sulfate-free color care system.   No harsh sulfates, surfactants and salts that can strip and dull your hair.   Remember my story here about preserving your hair coloring and how haircare products designed specifically for colored hair are a must in order to maintain your color.

The EverPure line comes in many formulas

  • EverPure Moisture:  Extra Nourishment
  • EverPure Smooth:  Frizz Fighting
  • EverPure Volume:  Volumizing
  • EverPure UV Spray:  Extra Protection

I have been using the Moisture formula, and I have to tell you at first I was hesitant to give it a try, only because sometimes “moisture” formulas of shampoos and conditioners are just too much for my baby fine hair.   They can weigh it down and sometimes make my hair flat and oily looking.   But, I did not encounter this problem at all!

The shampoo is very thick and creamy – in fact I needed to double check the label to make sure I hadn’t grabbed the conditioner by mistake as it’s that thick and creamy.   But somehow it was still lightweight on my hair, just a nice amount of moisturizing properties, that creates an incredible amount of lather.

The conditioner is about the same weight as the shampoo, so again it is not too heavy.   The scent is extra nice as well.   Rosemary, juniper and mint extracts are used in the shampoo and conditioner, but I notice the scent much more in the conditioner than the shampoo.  


The products are 100% vegan, not tested on animals and have no animal by-products.   Prices range from $6.99 – $8.99 SRP.   I will definitely keep this in my hair care rotation, and my highlights?  Well they are still as nice and shiny as they day I got them and not the least bit brassy like they used to turn.