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Next week I begin my own version of Eat Pray Love.   I call it Eat Pray Exercise Spa.   I have been invited with a group of  bloggers to go to Rancho La Puerta to experience the spa resort.    It’s been rated by Travel + Leisure as the #1 World’s Best Destination Spa!  

I am truly still shocked and amazed that I’ve been asked to attend with the other bloggers and I look forward to meeting all of them.   I’ll be blogging and tweeting throughout the week next week while I am there, sharing my experiences with everyone.  

As of right now, I’m planning to start my mornings with a group hike and doing some yoga and other exercises throughout the day.  I wonder how my body will react?  It’s so used to sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day!  

The spa treatments look divine and trying to figure which ones I want to partake in will be a tough decision.   I’m anxious to try out the Amala skin care products the spa uses.  You know me and beauty products! 

We get to tour the resort’s organic farm and cook a meal.  I’m also going to attend a few other classes that are going on during the week.  One is a gluten free cooking class (I have to eat gluten free food) so this will be great to learn some more recipes.   A photography course is calling my name too.  

I won’t forget to rest my mind and body and enjoy one of the hammocks throughout the resort either.   The daily stresses of life have been getting the best of me and some days I just don’t like the person I am seeing in the mirror.   I think Rancho La Puerta will give me an opportunity to clear my mind, make my body inside and out feel better and give me the strength to have a new outlook on life, work and general well-being.

Please stay tuned and follow along as I share my experience!

Image: Rancho La Puerta. Trip offered to Fab Over Forty by Rancho La Puerta