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The Wet Brush is an effective way to detangle wet hair using their technology called Intelliflex bristles, which are thin but still strong and flexible and adapt to any hair type, whether your hair is coarse or baby fine. I was highly skeptical about brushing wet hair, a definite no-no in my past styling technique but after trying this brush which promises “no hair loss, no tugging or tearing” , I decided to give it a go. It literally glided through my hair without any effort and was actually quicker than the combing method that I traditionally use.

This brush is ideal for the beach or for use in the shower after applying a mask or conditioner. I was amazed at how well it aided in perking up my tresses during the day whenever I used it dry and slightly teased my hair for a little extra oomph!
Dream DetanglerIt is also safe for wigs or extensions and comes in so many varieties of colors and styles that I was literally fascinated whenever I perused their website. I have never considered expressing my individuality by way of a hairbrush before, until I saw the wide selection available in this super functional styling tool.

There are a multitude of colors as well as animal prints, stars and stripes,etc. They are also available in mini brushes and paddles. There is a holiday collection that includes a free “Santa’s helper” set of tweezers. The mini “squirt” brush are $ 10.00 and the regular size is $ 14.00. They would make excellent stocking stuffers so keep them in mind for the holiday season.

The motto of The Wet Brush is “Believe it or Knot” and they have made a believer out of me! It truly is the dream detangler hairbrush! Order thewetbrush.com.