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Did you all get a little too much sun this past holiday weekend?   I know I had more than my “usual”.   We all hear about what we should bring to the beach; sunscreen, hat, great beach bag – all those are wonderful, don’t get me wrong!   But what about after the beach?  

You can protect your skin all you can if you’re like me, but after spending 2 days by the lake boating and soaking up the sun your skin still can feel like, well, dried and grimy.   Especially when you add camping into the mix with bonfires and all.  Ahhh, the 4th of July in Minnesota.

So here is what I used to get my skin back into shape after a weekend of abuse.  And YES I used a lot of sunscreen!  It’s a must in my house, my youngest just had a pre-melanoma mole removed this week, so with my history along with his we do not go without and neither should you.  But lets face it – sunscreen can attract gunk and beach sand etc so let’s talk about getting the skin back into tip-top fab shape.


First I washed my hair with Shu Uemura Art of Hair Prime Plenish.   Besides having an incredible texture and scent, it washed all the sand, dirt, oil and soot out of my hair and it left my hair feeling full, soft and basically wonderful.   I am in love with this line of hair product.



triplemstrmask_185x2251Next I put this Neutrogena Triple Moisture mask on my hair.   Leave this on your hair while you wash your body.  The longer it’s left on the better, and the steam from the shower helps to penetrate your hair.   This is a fantastic moisture mask for people with fine hair too, it does not weigh it down, yet it leaves the hair silky soft.   I use this once a week and more if needed.  It is definitely needed after a few days in the sun.


olive-leaf-by-methodI like nice soaps and I’m always on the lookout for good soaps that aren’t super expensive.   This Method brand Olive Leaf bar soap fits the bill.   The scent is fresh and it is moisturizing as well.   It comes in a few other scents, but this one is my favorite because it doesn’t compete with a perfume or any other scent you may decide to put on later.




Let’s face it – when you do all the proper sun care such as sunscreen etc. after a few days it tends to give your skin a feeling of a built up layer that soap just can’t clear away.   Say hello to Lancome Exfoliant Fraichelle.   Besides the nice foaming gel and gentle exfoliating beads it has a fresh green floral scent.  And the tube is soft plastic with a flip-top lid.  Big deal you say?  Yes, big deal!  How many times have you tried to use a body exfoliant and you’re in the shower soaking wet with water pouring down on you and you’re trying to open a big jar, or a glass jar at that.   Annoying at the least – dangerous if you’re me, at the most.  Oh, and another good thing?  It leaves your skin perfectly silky soft and prepared for self tanner.



Lastly for returning my skin to normal, I slathered myself in this body lotion favorite of mine, Kate Somerville Goat Milk Body Lotion.  This lotion is a smooth-as-silk luxury wrapped around your body that I’ve talked about here before. 





To add to my regular nightly face cleansing, treatment and moisturizing routine, I added a layer of this NARS Mud Mask.   This greenish black mask takes out the impurities and all that outdoor grime, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and wonderful.




I finished off the whole cleansing process with topping off my body with Clarins Self Tanner.   Of all the self tanners I’ve tried, this one gives my skin the most realistic looking tan.   And if I’ve spent all that time in the sun, and all that work cleaning off the elements – my reward is to look like I effortlessly got a beautiful tan while on vacation!