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Color Wow

I get my hair highlighted every five weeks which is usually perfect to maintain my look, but every once in a while I have the dreaded “line of demarcation” at the roots. I have tried A LOT of products on the market to touch up in between highlight appointments such as powders, highlighting pens, etc., and have never been satisfied with the results. They tend to be gummy or sticky which is unacceptable to maintain soft, touchable hair.

I am absolutely amazed with Color Wow Root Cover Up. I purchased “blonde” from Ulta for $ 34.50 and whenever I received it was immediately impressed with the application method: a dual-sided brush; one small and flat and one large and flat, giving you the ability to add thin or chunky color.

I visited their website to obtain particular application instructions which suggests to apply to dry hair and proceeded ahead with the product application. The blonde is an absolute perfect match for my blonde highlights; so much so that someone asked me within the hour for the name of my stylist…..It gave my hair a little texture and therefore “lift” which is important for me to combat humidity. I don’t have a lot of grey to cover as of yet but am told that it works superbly to cover grey; one of the most beneficial perks to this root cover.

There are four colors from which to choose: Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown. I have decided to experiment with one of the browns to create my own temporary “lowlights”. This product is goof-proof and lasts all day long and washes out with the next shampoo.


Color Wow Root Cover Up has been featured on Good Morning America and many magazines with the overall consensus being positive. I am hooked!

If you visit www.ColorWowHair.com and sign up for a subscription, they are giving away a free shampoo from their line; a nice little incentive to give this a try.