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Celebrity Hair stylist Chris McMillan – known for “The Rachel” hair style on Jennifer Aniston when she was on Friends and her now infamous long locks, has been styling celebrities hair for years. 

He has a line of hair care products available thru Guthy-Renker online at www.chrismcmillanhair.com  I have been using the Glossing Serum for several weeks now and am thrilled with it!

Typically those of us with fine hair can say that glossing serums are not for us.  They weigh down our already fine hair and make it stick to our heads – like we were caught in a rainstorm.   This glossing serum, however, is not like that.   It says to use about a dime size – I take that down to about a pea size for my texture and length of hair, which is the perfect amount.    It smooths out my fly aways and gives me shine and movement to my hair.   I’ve used it both on wet and dry hair after styling it.    When using it on wet hair, I feel like it prevents my hair from getting dried out to begin with.

Do not confuse this with a texturizing balm or paste.  They are two different things that create different looks for your hair.   A texturizing balm or paste will make your hair piecey texturized.   This serum will smooth and gloss.

I have never ordered anything online from Guthy Renker – although most nights when I can’t sleep I am watching some Guthy Renker show or another.  Thank goodness I don’t keep my handbag with credit card next to my bed!   Anyway, my point on that is I personally am not familiar with their ordering rules and re-order requirements and would love to hear form someone who is.  I know online it says that a new shipment is sent every 90 days, but what if I love the serum and shampoo and hate the conditioner – do I have to get them all?   Or what if I am only thru the products half way at 90 days?   Let me know your thoughts.

**Just a note from the company that you are able to purchase product on individual pieces through customer service.