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Want to know what I reach for nearly every day or things I’m currently obsessing about?  Well here are my top 5 Fab Finds that I can’t seem to go without.

5 Fab Finds

A bad hair day can ruin the whole day. I never have a bad hair day when I use Living Proof  Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 Styling Treatment. Seriously, this stuff is amazing! I’ve been using it for several months now and can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it before – I’m even raving about to my stylist. I use about a dime size amount – maybe slightly more, throughout my freshly washed hair and I never get fly-aways, it adds volume to my hair without making it dried out like many volumizers can, and my hair gets great shine and movement from this. What else could a girl want?!

When I have a free moment, which isn’t often lately, I like to sit down and read. I’m obsessed with Porter magazine by the brilliant minds of Net-A-Porter. If I’m going to read a magazine I like good stories, good photography, good beauty and good fashion. This has it all and more. It blows many other fashion magazines out of the water.

I’ve been into curling my lashes lately. Sadly, I don’t have the beautiful long, full lashes that naturally curl I once had in my youth. I’ve now resorted to daily lash curling. I know many of you have done it for years, but me in the past only sporadically. I’ve tried drugstore brands, brands famous for their lash curlers, and other designer brands, but the Dior Lash Curler fits my eye shape perfectly and I can get all my lashes in the curler. Best of all the sponge is super, super soft so it never leaves a crimp mark, but just a gentle swoosh to the lashes. It’s limited edition, so if you find one at the counter check it out before they are gone.  I’m hoping they decide to make this a permanent addition.

Years and years ago Bobbi Brown came out with a lip crayon she calls Art Sticks. They are a combination of lip liner and lipstick in one.  I loved them dearly and wore them often and then they disappeared. Thankfully they are now back! They make applying lipstick a breeze and they have shea butter and emollients in them so they are quite moisturizing, which may be a surprise for a stick.  I’m hoping these stay in the lip collection. They come in several shades from neutral to bold.

Dear Giorgio Armani, thank you for saving my tired eyes. I’m not quite ready to go the Botox or other injectable route so when the Crema Nera Extrema Eye Serum came out several weeks ago I had to give it a try. I use it twice a day like my life depended on it, and well, my eyes now do! My bags under my eyes and fine lines have decided to pack up and take a vacation. I now actually look like I get sleep thanks to no longer having prominent dark circles. Thank you, your new devotee, Fab Over Forty.