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By D’Ann Zona, Fitness Contributor

Incorporating Yoga into Your Fitness Regimen


Kimberly Fowler has been called the “new face of yoga.”  In her book  The No Om Zone  she promises a “no chanting, no-granola, no-Sanskrit” approach to making yoga simple and easy for anyone to benefit from. Fowler is the owner of YAS Fitness Centers (YAS stands for Yoga and Spinning) in CA. Fowler’s sequence of spinning and yoga allows students to sweat out their aggression on the bike before lunging deeper into yoga’s warrior or surrendering a child’s pose-all to the tune of a fabulous Rolling Stones or Zeppelin track. Fowler’s Yoga for Athletes® program has gained a cult following with more than 500 YAS-goers frequenting her studio on a daily basis. Her unique blend of yoga and indoor cycling, coupled with her unique approach to yoga has proven to have mass appeal. The Yoga for Athletes® program was created when she realized that people would try to force themselves into a pose and end up injured. She teaches that every pose has a lesser or more advanced level so athletes don’t get injured and to embrace that it takes a while for the body to adjust.

Twenty-five years ago Fowler’s plans as a tri-athlete and a determined law student were temporarily put on hold when doctors discovered she had an inoperable brain tumor. With a “screw this attitude” towards surgical procedures that could’ve greatly impaired her joint movement-the unthinkable for a tri-athlete-doctors assured Fowler that her days were numbered.

Miraculously beating the odds through unconventional treatments and the “mind over matter” outlook, Fowler became cancer-free and steadily continued her law practice until 1982 when she was hit by a car during a bicycle race. Following the suggestion of her physical therapist, she explored the healing powers of Iyengar yoga. The yoga proved instrumental not only in her recuperation from the bicycle accident, but in the recovery from a near fatal rock-climbing accident more than fifteen years later that left her with a punctured lung and an injured kidney – a kidney that against the advice of her doctors, Fowler refused to have removed. She felt that yoga saved her life a couple of times when nothing else could.

To find out more about this fabulous woman, visit her website at go2yas.com or become a fan of her Facebook page for daily inspiration, fitness tips or to get information on how to order her books and DVDs.

Here are two easy upper & lower body poses to get you started or just incorporate into your daily routine.

Upward Facing Dog | Benefit: Opens chest muscles, improves posture by opening shoulders and strengthens arms, wrists, shoulders and chest muscles.  Lie flat on stomach, tops of feet on floor, bend elbows so hands are under shoulders, lift chest up while pressing into hands to straighten arms. Increase difficulty by pressing into hands and top of feet to lift thighs off floor. Hold for 30 seconds. 


Tree Pose | Benefit: Strengthens muscles around knee, engages core and help to teach the body balance.  Standing position, balance on right foot as you bring left foot to inside of inner thigh, keep hips even, bring hands to prayer position over head. If too hard to keep balance or foot to the inner thigh, drop the raised foot to calf or put big toe on ground and bring hands to chest prayer position.


Never give up on your dreams… Love, live and embrace them. They are not meant to impress others, but to offer you a more passionate life experience that may possibly spread inspiration.  ~ D’Ann Zona