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Are you like me and hate using plastic bottles of water? I used to buy one and then after using it refill it with my filtered water at home for a few times and then throw away. But I still hated using plastic bottles – bad for the environment and I can’t imaging they are good in any way.  SiggNot all water bottles are created equal, so  now I use my SIGG bottle with the new active top.  I am at the gym 4 or 5 times a week and oftentimes doing a tough workout and replenishing with water is a must. Most bottled water is only 16 oz, maybe 20, this SIGG bottle is .75 L so I get more water to drink, which is especially necessary now that we’ve taken our workout class outdoors in the heat.

So what’s so special about SIGG? Well, as I mentioned it has the new active top.  It’s patent pending top allows you to drink from it without having to tilt your head back, which is good if you’re say on a treadmill or some other equipment – you can keep your head forward.  But the top also has 4 “dial” settings

  • CLOSE – Which I keep it in the closed position when transporting so I don’t need to worry about leaking
  • AIR – If you put a carbonated drink inside, turn the dial to air to release any carbonation without explosion
  • OPEN – Slide to this when drinking
  • CLEAN – The top comes apart for thorough cleaning

The SIGG Active Top comes in many sizes, styles and prints and not just for workouts but for anyone, including little kids’ prints.