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It’s mid January, have you broken your resolution stick to a fitness routine? Or maybe something is holding you back and you are just hesitant to begin. Whatever your reason may be, Fab Over 40 went to fitness expert Shawna Kaminski of Female Fat Loss Over 40 to get some tips on beginning a workout. She told me that changing our habits is the biggest hurdle and offered tips on how to overcome the hurdle that can sometimes feel impossible to get over.

Outline a plan

  • Write down your habit you want to change
  • Why do you want to change the habit
  • What are potential obstacles you may encounter
  • A strategy to overcome your obstacles

Here’s an example of a plan outline:

  1. Habit to change – I want to work out 4 times a week
  2. Why – I want to fit into my clothes better and look and feel great in 2013
  3. Obstacles – I don’t have a plan, I’ll run out of time and energy
  4. Overcoming obstacles – I will work out first thing in the morning when I have more energy, and I’ll go to bed earlier without watching TV. I’ll grab a plan from online like the one Female Fat Loss Over 40 has so I can workout at home without expensive equipment

Put it out there front and center
Consider committing to your new habit publicly. Tell friends, family and co-workers your plan so they can offer you support. “Go public by posting it on Facebook and you’ll be amazed at how much support your friends will offer”  says Shawna. She says that a person is 10 times more likely to achieve their goal when it’s foremost in your mind.

Keep a journal
Keeping a record and checking off when you’ve successfully implemented a habit is a great feeling of accomplishment. If you have a setback don’t apply the “wait till Monday” theory. Figure out what went wrong and work to minimize the damage.

Change only one habit at a time
“This is probably my most important piece of advice” says Shawna. You cannot change many things and be successful. Do one at a time and pick which new habit is best for you. Once you’ve gotten that down after about 21 days, then add another new habit. Set small goals and rewards along the way.

 “Changing unhealthy habits to healthy habits one step at a time is an investment with a big payoff” – Shawna Kaminski of Female Fat Loss Over 40