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A few months back I got to meet Melanie Kasper, co-founder of Dream Day Essentials through a makeup artist and good friend of mine, Timm Holmly.  Timm had been telling me how great she was and that I had to meet her, so when she came to MN to visit I was anxious to finally meet her.

Today Melanie is sharing with us her fitness tips. Melanie herself is a certified personal trainer and a yoga instructor and believes in a holistic approach to being healthy and feeling good. She’s an expert that instantly makes you feel comfortable rather than intimidated and her knowledge on fitness and all-around health is inspiring!  Melanie turned 41 yesterday, so since she is definitely Fab Over 40, we wish her a happy birthday!

Melanie Kasper’s Fitness Tips

The sides of the legs or “outer thighs” and the bum are the two areas of the legs women want help with. These are two of my favorite exercises to target those areas.

Side Step / Step Up

This is a must for saddle bags! If you keep your weight in your heels, you will keep pressure off your knees and keep it in your back-side where you want it. Do this move often for lift and tone. Add a squat at the bottom for even more “bang for your butt” and cardio training as well.

Step Back Lunges

More bootie lifting here! Alternate stepping back with R and L. Keep your front knee on top of your ankle with each step back you take, as you get good, do more, and go lower.

The back-sides of the arms are at the top of the list of concern for women as we age, especially if you live in warmer climates where t-shirts and tank tops are three season attire.


Push Ups – Sexy chest for your jewels, and the first in the series for chicken wings (triceps – back of arms)

Standard position: women shy away from this exercise because it is intimidating and seemingly impossible, but if you use a bench or chair to build your strength and stamina in this move, you will eventually feel more confidant and accomplished doing it on the floor.



Yoga position: this is all triceps, keep your chest down as elbows go straight back and in to your rib cage. Try to push back up in that position – its hard so don’t worry if you can’t, keep practicing, you are still getting benefit.

Tricep Dips – The classic. Work the range of motion you can handle. Keep your seat close to the bench, elbows back and chest open. Do as many as you can.

Of course we can’t forget about the mid section or belly fat. Part of the solution here is diet – try reducing sugar, refined carbs and dairy. But to sculpt your shape try one of the best abdominal exercises of all time.

Criss Cross / Bicycle Abs – whittle away the waist, elbow to opposite knee alternating in a crunch


Cardio – you don’t have to run a marathon, you don’t even have to run or jog, but ya gotta hit the trails or the treadmill to help shed the layer on top of the areas you are trying to target. Without the cardio component you will have developed strength in your “trouble spots” but you won’t be able to see the definition.

*this is not a total body workout, check with your doctor before engaging in new exercise especially if you have present or past injury or illness, results dependent on diet and frequency of activity.


Photos by Valerie Joy Photography