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While the stores may all be getting in the newest in spring clothing, it’s still January and cold outside. But, while the spring colors may give us that burst of color we so desire on the gloomy days of January, most of the fabrics are too lightweight and sheer to wear this time of year.

Casual Friday

I put together this look that is wearable for many on Casual Fridays – not too dressy, but still pulled together. Instead of lightweight fabrics, add the pop of color in these fun sunglasses. And if you’re like me, not a big wearer of patterned clothing, a little texture and pattern from your bag goes a long way. You’ll look polished and chic.

Wear a cardigan as a top by buttoning it all the way up. Scrunching up the sleeves makes it look effortless and the longer length hides many sins. Just don’t get one that is baggy looking, it won’t hide the sins but instead just make you look bigger.

A pair of boot cut jeans always look polished and I don’t think I need to say any more about them. Do you know how difficult it has been over the years to find a navy blue pump? Seriously, I recall looking for years. Finally they’re more readily available. These dark toned shoes have a nice heel height that’s wearable for many women over 40 and can go from dressy to more casual, as with this outfit.

Accessories are key here.  With this longer sweater you don’t want to add bulk, so a simple long necklace balances perfectly with the cardigan. Many of you may say you want a shorter necklace with the open neckline the sweater creates. Step out of the box. I wear a long necklace with a blouse that has this type of neckline and I get compliments on the look and the simple necklace every time I wear it.  With the sleeves of the cardigan pushed up, what you show on your wrist is key. I fell in love with this watch right away. The charcoal leather wrap band makes it appear to be a leather bracelet and watch in one giving it that look of an additional accessory.

How fun is this patterned tote! The colors work well with the outfit and a tote is perfect for taking to the office. The texture the pattern creates keeps everything from being too predictable. Looking for your punch of color? These retro sunglasses are so fun and the orange/coral shade brightens the whole look without overkill in color.