Heal the Skin with Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil

December 24, 2012

by Kari

Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil

A few years back when Bobbi Brown introduced her “Extra” line, my skin was going through an extremely dry phase and the Extra line was a lifesaver.  My skin couldn’t get enough moisture and so many things I tried irritated my skin and it never felt moisturized enough or like it would heal. I gave several of the Bobbi Brown Extra skincare products a try and it was like a miracle to my skin. Finally, it felt like it was moisturized enough and it wasn’t irritated by pore clogging products and the scent was clean and soothing and I was in love.

I rarely need that much intensity to my moisturizers any longer, but I know when I may need it again what really works. Recently I was testing a skincare line that caused me major irritation – red dry patches all over my face and neck and it even hurt! That’s when I remembered the Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil. I slathered my face and neck (well, no need to slather as a little goes a long, long way) with Extra Face Oil and immediately it started calming my skin and within 2 days my skin did a complete 180° turnaround.  I no longer felt like I wanted to scratch my skin off and the red dry patches healed up very quickly. I also used this when a zit appears. For my skin it makes a zit disappear faster than any anti-acne cream I’ve ever tried. Just dab a bit on the zit and the next day it’s gone.

It’s made with Vitamin E and a blend of sesame, sweet almond, olive and jojoba oils. For me, it’s a skin healer.

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5 Responses

  1. SmokeyToes
    December 25, 2012 at 9:30 am ·

    This sounds pretty nice, does it have a fragrance to it?
    I’ve been a fan of Clarins Face oils for 25 years. A little goes a long way and they are so effective in managing my occasional breakouts and helping with hydration. Happy Holidays!

  2. Mamavalveeta03
    December 25, 2012 at 1:49 pm ·

    I am addicted to Bobbi Brown’s Face Oil. I had a similar experience years ago, Kari, with something that had irritated my dry, sensitive skin, when a friend that I worked with at the Bobbi counter recommended that I try her new EXTRA Face Oil. Like you, I was a bit nervous about oil on my skin. But I have never felt such relief from scratching and redness, and the scent is heavenly! Great post!

  3. Julie
    December 26, 2012 at 8:31 pm ·

    I always wanted to try it but was afraid due to my combination skin and hormonal acne on my chin. I am definitely going to try it for the breakout issues.com

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