An Interview with Janeson Rayne Creator of Magic Banana

November 25, 2012

by Kari

Janeson Rayne is an author, artist, vegetarian chef, yoga educator and mom, which all lead her to create Magic Banana®. What is Magic Banana®? According to the company “it’s the flexible accessory for strengthening your inner magical muscles, exploring your body and unlocking your own pleasure possibilities.”  All that from a simple, yet unexpected loop shape with a slight upward curved device. The Magic Banana has been touted on Oprah, Shape, Glamour and more, so it had my curiosity about Janeson and why she created it and what makes it so different.



Q. What made you decide to create Magic Banana? A. Quite simply, deep curiosity and a desire to know and understand my own body.

Q. Explain further how your background as a yoga instructor/other life roles play an important part in the creation of this?  A. I’m a curious person with many diverse interests – as a life-long lover of yoga, design and anatomy, I’ve been a teacher, an artist, and an explorer.  I’m a mom twice over, and I’ve studied, practiced and taught holistic health and wellness for many years.  I love to synthesize ideas across disciplines and this was one of those problems that felt like it was right up my alley.  The design considers female anatomy and my understanding of yoga, as well as my knowledge of what feels good for women.  So many sex toys and feminine strengthening devices are designed by men – how would they know, intrinsically, what feels good to a woman?

Q. It’s such a unique shape, how did you discover that the shape of Magic Banana was the “right” shape?  A. I started making early prototypes 30 or so years ago.  I got the loop concept right away – it was an intuitive hit – and I believe it arrived right around the same time I realized that the whole region “down there” consisted of muscles and was an area of potentiality, meaning there is exceptional capacity for expansion and movement, and ability to accommodate whatever’s passing through.  About 14 years ago I shared variations on the loop with willing friends who shared their feedback to complement my own learnings, and more R&D was embarked upon as more women tested the product.

Q. Why is the Magic Banana so beneficial for women that are pre, peri, or post-menopausal?  A. The Magic Banana® stands to benefit women at many stages in life.  For women who are pre, peri, or post-menopausal – exploration and strengthening will help them to love (and continue to love) the body that seems to be betraying them.  This phase in life can be a reawakening of sorts, and a chance for cultivating anew.

Also, the Magic Banana® is perfect for

  • women with partners, in a time of physical change – the Magic Banana® can provide a new way for their partners to be intimate with and please them – the Magic Banana® takes foreplay to another level!
  • women who may have had only one partner for many years, and who want to explore and better understand their own bodies
  • women who have not fully explored – or are uncertain as to whether or not they even have a G-Spot (known as the Sacred Spot in Tantra) – can learn much about their bodies sexual responses from the Magic Banana®.
  • women without partners, using the Magic Banana® can keep the fires stoked.
  • women who are already in touch with their bodies, who will enjoy the addition of the Magic Banana® to their practice, partnered and/or solo.

Q. We hear that it’s important for women to have a strong pelvic floor. Why ?  
A. Having a strong and supple pelvic floor is important to women’s health and well-being for a number of reasons.  Think of your pelvic floor as a hammock that helps keep your internal organs in place.  Having a strong and supple pelvic floor ensures confidence, both in and out of the bedroom.
I am proud to say that the Magic Banana® is a revolution in this space as it is the first device that offers both Kegel (pelvic floor muscle) strengthening and Pleasure in one experience.  Squeezing action on the flexible loop of the Magic Banana®, with its gentle upwards curve (‘the smile’) provides a unique and pleasurable way to build this inner strength while the curve gives extraordinary stimulation for the G-Spot.

Q. What are some of responses/feedback you’ve heard from customers?  A. I could write a film script on this topic alone! Responses have been numerous – here are some of my faves:

“This was jaw-dropping, OMG! I had THE BEST #1 Orgasm of All Time with the Magic Banana®” ~ Carolyn, 61, from MA, USA

“I’m an older gal, in my mid-sixties, with NO steady man in her life right now.  I bought the Magic Banana® several months ago.  At the time I was having a lot of female problems (health-wise) and it hurt when I tried to use it.  Well, I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t hurt anymore, and I have found I get more pleasure all the time from this wonderful device!! IT IS A LIFESAVER! I can tell you there is still a lot of joy in sex, even at my age.  When you’re alone, there’s no need to be unsatisfied – reach for the Magic B® – it truly IS a gal’s best friend.  It even has deepened the climaxes a great deal!  I can only imagine how nice it would be to share this with a partner.  Thanks for thinking this thing up … it should have been on the market years ago!  You can use ME as a testimony, if you wish to.”  ~ SJ, 64, Ontario, Canada

“Girls, this is what we ALL need!” ~ MM, 56, Quebec, Canada (on introducing the Magic Banana® to the members of her all-female choir!)

“After receiving a Magic Banana® as a gift, I threw out – yes, THREW OUT – two very expensive vibrators.  From now on, it’s Magic B® and me!” ~ SA, 46, London, England

“The Magic Banana® has been my bedside companion for about a year now, and as I approach 50, I’m amazed and happy to find that orgasms are much more intense and satisfying than ever before.  The Magic Banana® has helped me explore the expansion of my orgasmic potential.  It has also helped me become more aware of my PC muscle.  I use the Magic Banana® to assist in building the strength in this muscle, which promotes pelvic health and sexual vitality.  I recommend the Magic Banana® to many of the clients in my Sexual Healing Practice.  I will never be without one!”~ Jade Beaty Boulder, CO

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